Nanolex Nano-One 200mL


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Nanolex Nano-One is a versatile 'All-In-One' product that is designed to lightly polish and cleanse your paintwork whilst imparting some quality Nanolex sealant to protect. This new product contains clustered nano-abrasives that refresh the paint surface, at the same time providing outstanding protection and offering the easy to clean characteristics similar to the rest of the range. Nano One is suitable for both paint surfaces and coated alloy wheels. The Nanotechnology is designed to coat the paint with a durable layer that will help repel water, dust and dirt, making it much harder for these contaminants to adhere to the car. This will also allow the car to be washed much more easily, with the weaker bonds of the dirt being broken down with just a pressure washer or pH balanced wash shampoo. The application of Nano One will also add intense shine to the paint surface and seal the gloss in, leaving a slick feel to the paint. This advanced chemical sealant will not wash off, it is designed to repel water, dirt, oils and other pollutants that usually stick to your paint. Depending on driving conditions it can last for 6 months. 30-50ml of Nano One will cleanse and coat a car completely, depending on the size. *For best results:* Wash and dry the car very thoroughly first. It is also advisable to clay the paint surface prior, to remove any contamination Apply a small amount to a foam applicator and work across a section (e.g. boot, door) of the painted surface, ensuring 100% even coverage, leaving a thin layer. The product is even better when applied using an RO Polisher and final finishing pad; again apply a small amount to the pad and work across a section ensuring 100% coverage and leaving an even layer behind. Once the product has hazed, usually within 2-3 minutes, take a soft microfibre cloth and simply wipe off the residue. Preferably allow sealant to cure for a minimum of 2 hours before driving or getting wet. You can follow Nano One with "Nanolex Spray Sealant":/product/nanolex/premium_spray_sealant for extra durability and shine, preferably a minimum of 2 hours after the application of Nano One. It is always advised that your car should be cool and in shade / undercover when washing, claying, polishing or applying sealants/wax. Nanolex Nano One is safe for most paint types including clear coated, single stage. It is not recommended if the paint is faded or flaking. Always try on a small section to ensure compatibility. Everyone is joining the ‘Nano’ trend and a number of manufacturers are putting nano on all their products. However Nanolex offers real ‘nano-technology’ that has been developed in Germany following extensive research and proven; it should not be confused with off-the-shelf car products that simply have ‘nano’ in their name. Made in Germany
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