Mint MWash 5L

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Mint MWash is designed to thoroughly clean and revive microfibre cloths, towels, pads and mitts.

The delicate and complex structure of the fibres in microfibre products mean they absorb more water and faster than other fabrics. Whilst using these cloths to clean your car they absorb a lot of cleaning products, dust and dirt that needs to be released from the fibres. Unlike some harsh laundry powders that can damage the fibres, Mint MWash will gently breakdown dirt, oil and chemicals which can become embedded deep in the fibres, removing them safely. By washing your microfibre products correctly and regularly, they will remain soft and plush for longer, extending their life.

Mint MWash is concentrated and powerful so usually only 50ml is required for either hand or machine washing. It is also great for towelling, cotton, chamois and removing polish from foam buffing pads.

Please Note: NEVER tumble dry on hot or add fabric softener to microfibre products, this will damage the fibre design.

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