303 Products Multi-Surface Cleaner 946mL

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303 Multi Surface Cleaner (previously Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner) delivers spectacular results, even for the heaviest cleaning jobs without using caustic chemicals or solvents. This product contains no soaps, harsh detergents or solvents and is your best choice for cleaning fabrics, upholstery, mats and carpeting. The safe, non-toxic, biodegradable solution cleans deeply and effectively and rinses residue free.

303 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner is highly concentrated and can be diluted for general cleaning or used neat for tough jobs. The biodegradable formula removes oil, grease, dirt, coffee, tea, juice, wine, and pet stains from any water-safe indoor and outdoor fabric, plastic, rubber & vinyl.

Spray on leave to work in for a couple of minutes and then for extra dirty areas massage in with a cloth or soft brush – remove the dirty solution by blotting with another cloth and a clean surface is revealed underneath.

Then once the area is cleaned and dry why not protect it again with 303 Fabric Guard – to safeguard against those little accidents…

Note: always test products compatibility before use in an area out of sight.

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