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Dodo Juice's fluffy mascot, Mr Skittles the Third, is hand made from detailing grade microfibre, in Mauritius.

Mr Skittles enjoys a good outing; whether a car show to spot swirls or simply sitting out front whilst you wash your car mocking you for not using the Two Bucket Method! He is also known to like to be photographed with a celebrity or two, so don't forget to take him out to red carpet events!

Due to his stylish long hair, we wouldn't suggest that Mr Skittles be used as a toy for babies and young children. He would make a good companion for the Dodo Juice connoisseur but not an animal or child!

Mr Skittles is not small! A whopping 35 x 28cm which could be from all the Carnauba and Chocolate he enjoys to eat. Beware that he may not fit into his bag at a later stage due to this!

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