Mint Ultra Soft Noodle Wash Mitt

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Mint's new Micro-Noodle Wash Mitt has been made from soft small microfibre-noodles that allows a safe, gently and easy washing over every surface of your car including the glass. Designed with elastic cuff and with micro-noodles vs the common large noodles to help capture dirt, debris and grime. This prevents dirt from being dragged across the surface to avoid any risk of damaging your paintwork during the wash process. Always following washing with a good rinse and dry using a quality Microfibre Chamois or Microfibre Drying Towel. We also recommend using the "Two Bucket Method" click here to avoid any chances of marring or leaving swirls in your paintwork, commonly known as 'wash swirls' or spiderwebs. To care for your microfibre products always rinse well to wash away loose dirt. Then either hand wash or machine wash on cool, using a laundry detergent. Never use fabric softener or tumble dry. Proper care of your microfibre products should see them remain soft and last well.

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