Mint Snow Foam Lance (Karcher K Series) + Foam

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Mint Snow Foam Lance (Karcher K Series) + Foam
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The new Mint Snow Foam Lance can help you change the way you wash and maintain your car, 4wd or marine craft! Combined together with your high-pressure water system such as Gerni or Karcher the Snow Foam Lance produces a thick ‘shaving foam’ that covers your car.

This Pre-Wash Snow Foam Lance System greatly reduces the risk of spider webbing (wash swirls) and marring to your paintwork. The Snow Foam detergent designed to cling onto your paint will help soften and break down dirt, grime and other road debris that has adhered to your car since your last wash – adding an additional preventative measure before your 2 Bucket Method Wash Process to avoid risk of surface damage.

  • Fitment : 1/4 Quick Connector
  • Pressure: Max 140 bar

For best results:

Simply add 80 – 100ml of a true Mint Snow Foam in the bottom of the bottle of the Foam Lance and dilute with water. Apply foam liberally to the exterior of the vehicle and allow to dwell for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Rinse off using a strong pressure from the bottom of the car working upwards (horizontally is easier, to see where you have been).

The lance comes only with two available choices which are Karcher and Gerni however certain other brands may have the same fitting so do compare and ensure that your fitting is correct before purchasing.

Care Instructions:

After using your Lance to Snow Foam your car, we highly recommend that you run some clean water (preferably warm) through the Lance to ensure that it stays clean and free from any build-up of wash/foam concentrate, that may block the filter over time.

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