Mint ProTools Microfibre Cutting Pad 1"


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The Mint ProTools Microfibre Cutting 1" (40 mm) Pad is the most aggressive in the range of Mint Pads. It has been designed specifically to suit a 2" Backing plate on a Rotary Polisher and offer a high cut to to remove medium to heavy surface marks and swirls in harder to reach & intricate areas where larger pads will not fit.

We would always recommend using Mint ProTools Pads with a quality polish or compound, this Microfibre Cutting Mini Pad is designed to work well with higher cutting compounds, and will normally need to be followed with a second or final stage of polishing to achieve maximum results.

For best results we suggest to clean the pads after each panel with an air blower, compressed-air or a soft brush to avoid any matting or product build up in the microfibre pad.

price is for single pad only

This pad suits only a 1" inch backing plate for a Rotary Polisher and attaches via velcro.

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