Mint ProTools Heavy Duty Dual Action Carpet Brush

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The Mint ProTools Heavy-Duty Dual Action Carpet Brush utilizes the power of your dual action car polisher to deep clean carpet and upholstery! This durable 5-inch dual action carpet brush attaches to a backing plate via hook and loop. Instantly transform your dual action car polisher into a multi-purpose scrubber! Use the Heavy-Duty DA Carpet Brush to cut the time it takes to clean carpets by up to 90%!

Dual action car polishers work great for cleaning carpet and upholstery. This is because dual action car polishers rotate and oscillate, providing maximum agitation to remove stubborn stains.

The Heavy-Duty DA Carpet Brush features deep 1.5-inch nylon bristles that are stiff enough to remove stains, and gentle enough not to damage delicate surfaces.

Attach the Heavy-Duty DA Carpet Brush to a 5-inch / 125mm hook and loop backing plate and you’ll be able to clean carpet faster than you ever thought possible!

Works great with the Mint ProTools RO Polisher - DAS6.

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