Mint Premium Snow Foam Lance (M22)

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Mint Snow Foam Lance M22/Kranzle Connector1
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Mint Premium Snow Foam Lance (M22)
Mint Premium Snow Foam Lance (M22)

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The Mint Snow Foam Lance can change the way you wash your car, it is not only great fun but is much kinder to your paint than contact/regular washing alone. This high quality Italian Lance turns your pressure washer into a powerful Foam Cannon that can cover your car in a thick ‘shaving foam’ – but what is the point?

The Snow Foam clings to your car’s exterior softening the dirt and grime that is stuck to the paintwork. Allow this to dwell for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off well, most of that dirt and grime should now have been removed, which if you only use a sponge to wash, you may well have rubbed the dirt into the paint possibly causing swirls and spider-webbing.

The Mint Premium Snow Foam Lance is made in Italy by PA from the manufacturers of the best Lances in the world. It has over 20 crafted brass (mostly solid!) components and offers high performance and long lasting quality. This lance attaches to your current Pressure Washer handle or lance gun. It features a fully adjustable dilution valve to offer different density of foam and variable spray nozzle for controlling the spray of foam delivered.

Made in Italy

For best results:

Simply add 80 – 100ml of a quality true Snow Foam Concentrate such as Mint Snow Foam or Gyeon Quartz Foam in the bottom of the bottle of the Foam Lance and dilute with water. Apply foam liberally to the exterior of the vehicle and allow to dwell for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Rinse off using a strong pressure from the bottom of the car working upwards (horizontally is easier, to see where you have been).

Care Instructions:

After using the Lance to Snow Foam your car, CCPhighly recommends that you run some clean water (preferably warm) through the Lance to ensure that it stays clean and free from any build-up of wash/foam concentrate, that can block the filter over time.

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Mint Snow Foam Lance M22/Kranzle Connector1
Premium Lance Blank1
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