Mint Clay Cloth

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The Mint Clay Cloth is a fast, easy way to remove above surface contaminants from you paint and glass. The Mint Clay Cloth is constructed from a high strength microfibre with one side finished in a high-tech rubber polymer coating honeycombed design that removes surface contaminants EG: paint overspray, bugs, tar, train brake dust and industrial fall out with minimal marring.

While there is nothing wrong with the traditional clay bars we have all used for years, these new generation clay cloths will save you time and are very durable. They can also be rinsed if you drop them during the decontamination process, something you can’t do with a clay bar!

The Mint Clay Cloth is ideal for professional detailers and those enthusiasts who maintain several cars as the time saved doing this important step is valuable.
Paint decontamination is a hugely important step in detailing a car. If the surface isn’t cleansed of contaminants polishes cannot be as effective and your wax, sealant or coating won’t fully bond to the surface.

Directions:  Before you use the Mint Clay Cloth for the first time, take the time to “break” in the surface a glass surface first. This important step “levels” the polymer coating slightly and reduces the incidence of marring the paint. As with traditional clays, use only a freshly washed, dry and cool vehicle and ensure you wet the surface with Mint Clay Lube. Gently wipe over the section your wish to clay, there is no need to scrub or use heavy pressure, once you feel the resistance drop rinse the mitt in a bucket of clean water to remove any contaminants and move onto the next section to be clayed. Caution should be taken when working on vehicles with soft paint as marring will occur which will need correction.

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