Mint Clay Cloth and Lube

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Mint Clay Cloth and Lube
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The Mint Clay Cloth is a fast

Directions:  Before you use the Mint Clay Cloth for the first time, take the time to “break” in the surface a glass surface first. This important step “levels” the polymer coating slightly and reduces the incidence of marring the paint. As with traditional clays, use only a freshly washed, dry and cool vehicle and ensure you wet the surface with Mint Clay Lube. Gently wipe over the section your wish to clay, there is no need to scrub or use heavy pressure, once you feel the resistance drop rinse the mitt in a bucket of clean water to remove any contaminants and move onto the next section to be clayed. Caution should be taken when working on vehicles with soft paint as marring will occur which will need correction.

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Mint Clay Cloth1
Mint Magic Clay Lube 500mL1
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