Mint Clay Bar (Fine)

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Mint's Japanese Fine Grade Grey Clay Bar is designed to gently and easily decontaminate your paintwork of debris such as tree sap, bug residue, road tar, paint overspray, brake dust and other fallout. Mint Grey Clay Bar is a non-abrasive, fine grade and suitable for all paint finishes. It will gently remove deposits from the paint surface without harming the paint itself. Car Care Products always recommend to use a quality Clay Lubricant with your Clay Bar. This is important to ensure the life of your clay and of course avoid any chance of marring the paints surface.

Not sure about claying, for more information and tips on how to clay - click here. Detailing Clay has been used for years by automobile manufacturers and body / panel shops for removing contamination that cannot be removed using conventional cleaning methods. Claying your paintwork is usually recommended prior to polishing or waxing/protecting your paintwork.

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