Dr. Beasley's Microsuede and Alcantara Protection 360mL

Dr. Beasley's
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Dr. Beasleys Microsuede Protection is a hydrophobic protective coating for faux suede surfaces; such as Alcantara, Ultra-suede, Dinamica, Ultra suede and Microsuede. This protection will bead of water, other liquids, dirt, grime, body oils and sweat from penetrating and staining the fibres, making maintenance and cleaning much easier. This special formula has also been developed to ensure that the feel and look was not affected, and that the Microsuede looked and felt as it did straight from the factory. Use this Microsuede Protection for your gear shift gaitor, seating, trims, steering wheel and any other Alcantara or Microsuede trimmed areas keeping them clean and looking new for the life of the car. *Directions:* Brush your sueded fabric in one direction so one side of the fibres are exposed. Lightly spray the surface covering entire area. Do not over saturate, allow to dry for 10-15 minutes or until dry. Brush fibres in opposite direction and repeat. Allow again to dry and you now have protected your microsuede surfaces.
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