Dr. Beasley's Microsuede and Alcantara Cleaner 360mL

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Dr Beasleys Cleaner has been developed a Microsuede / Alcantara Clean to gently remove and clean dirt, water spots and body oils that are known to stain these type of delicate fabrics. Microsuede Cleaner will clean without saturating, damaging or ruining the feel of these delicate surfaces like other cleaners, leaving the surface clean and ready to be protected. Use your Dr. Beasleys Micro Suede Protection to seal and protect your microsuede or alcantara faux fabrics to avoid any chance of staining or premature discolouration. *Directions;* Mist a small amount of Microsuede Cleaner over the affected area, do not over-saturate. Gently wipe the surface with minimal pressure in order to remove dirt and other contaminants as well as any excess moisture. For particularly soiled areas, we recommend using a soft Horse Hair Brush with minimal pressure to clean; using several light cleaning applications to avoid any wear on the suede / alcantara.
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