Surbuf Microfibre Buffing Pad 5.5"

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Surbuf Microfibre Buffing Pads are a new technology in Polishing pads for your RO/DA Polisher, they can offer more cutting power over Foam Buffing Pads still using the same polishes. These Microfibre Buffing Pads are made up of MicroFingers, which are independent, non-tufted vertical fibres that move and bend over the surface. As the pad moves over the paint, the MicroFingers stiffen and flex according to the surface of the paint, constantly adjusting to the surface to achieve uniform results. Because of this pad surface, the Surbuf Microfibre R Series Buffing Pads can cut harder than foam, but have less heat build-up, like wool pads, allowing for powerful correction but without the risk of burring and harsh marring. In addition the MicroFingers hold the polish close to the surface, rather than it soaking in, therefore you should use less polish with these pads than a traditional foam pad. Surbuf Microfibre Buffing Pads are a good addition to your existing range of foam pads and will allow you to get even more out of your DAS6 or DAS6-Pro RO Polishers. Surbuf R Series Buffing Pads have hook and loop fasteners from edge to edge to provide a secure hold on a regular Velcro type the backing plate. If you have a 5” Backing Plate on your machine then choose these 5” Surbuf Pads – if you have a larger 6” Backing Plate then choose the "6.5 Surbuf Pads here":/product/surbuf/surbuf_microfibre_buffing_pads
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