Mint Microfibre Bonnet Fits over 6" - 6.5" Pad

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These microfibre bonnets are very soft and have a thick, dense pile making them exactly what you need for the removal of wax or sealants quickly and easily. Simply place the microfiber bonnet over a soft foam pad (either 6” or 6.5”) on a machine polisher like the DAS6, switch on and run on a lower speed like 2 or 3, and move lightly over the paint. The plush fibres will remove the coating quickly leaving a fantastic finish and shine on your paint work. 

To care for your microfibre products either hand wash or machine wash on cool, using a quality liquid detergent, such as Mint MWash. Never tumble dry on hot or use fabric softener. Proper care of your microfibre products should see them remain soft and last well. Note: image with microfibre bonnet on DAS6 polisher for illustration purposes only

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