Swissvax Micro Dry Towel

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The Swissvax Micro Dry Towel is a new safer way to dry your car, versus the traditional synthetic chamois, it features a soft waffle weave designed to soak up large amounts of water and offer no-drag across the paint surface.

It is made using a super soft, waffle-weave microfibre which is developed specifically for Swissvax. This weave is capable of absorbing many times its own weight in water, making the Swissvax Micro Dry Towel ideal for drying off exterior surfaces after washing.

Using a traditional synthetic chamois to dry your car will inevitably cause damage to the bodywork, because no matter how careful and thorough you are you will always have some particles/dirt between the face of the chamois and underlying surfaces as you move the chamois around. Swissvax created their Micro Dry Towel to help against this chance of damage with the soft pile and water absorption factors.

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