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MetroVac’s Air Force Master Blaster dries cars more quickly and safely than any other method – and is the choice of many professional detailers and car enthusiasts around the world.

The Air Force Master Blaster 8 HP blower will help you eliminate chances of marring, scratching, streaking and water-spotting when drying your cars paintwork. This can be safely used on paint, gel-coat, metals, rims, chrome, plastics, glass and many other surfaces to safely blow away water and dust.

And no more water dripping out of your wing mirrors for hours after you have carefully wiped the car dry – this is ideal for blasting water out of hard to reach areas such as grills, door jambs, wing mirrors, numberplate holders, engine bays, badges, body crevices, and wheels – anywhere water can hide. It is also excellent for drying large panels so you can completely dry your car from top to bottom in minutes

The Master Blaster is the top of the range from the Metrovac series with twin 4hp motors providing a huge combined 8hp of ‘Air-Power’ all backed up with 75 years of trusted USA manufacturing from Metrovac.

The Master Blaster Blower is unlike others as it is far more powerful than say a typical leaf blower, so it will dry much quicker, and it is far safer because it uses filtered warm air, ensuring no debris gets blown onto your cars delicate paintwork.

The Metrovac Car Blowers are all safe to use in your own home & garage and run of a standard 240V Australian 10a socket.


Twin 4 HP Motors with dual-speed fans

• Twin 4 HP Motors with dual-speed fans – 8 HP total

• Rugged, all-steel construction in a powder-coated finish

• Commercial grade 3 meter hose

• Can be used for Automotive or Marine

• 58,000+ ft air per minute (filtered)

• EZ Foam Filter for quick replacement

• Heavy duty power cord

• Neoprene Blower Nozzle

• 240v Australian Safety Certified

Start with a Snow Foam and rinse, or just your 2 Bucket-Method wash and rinse as normal. Then turn on your Blaster and start to dry from the top of the vehicle and working down, use the MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster to blast away residual water off your main panels, and follow along panel gaps, surrounds and intricate areas including trims – all the way down to your wheels.

The Team at CCP found working in combination with a soft Mint Microfibre XL Drying Towel to pat down any areas of excess water on roofs, boots or bonnets before it dried was also helpful.

Finish with your favourite Quick Detailer such as Dodo Juice Red Mist, Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine or any other protection spray you have in your detailing kit.

And as with any washing and drying method, the Master Blaster will always work best when your car is protected (wax, sealant or coating) to allow the water to ‘slip’ off the surface more easily.

Metrovac Air Force Master Blaster 8 HP Car Blower Dryer Australia from Car Care Products on Vimeo.

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