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The MetroVac Blaster Sidekick SK1 helps dry cars quickly and safely than any other method – and is the choice of many professional detailers and car enthusiasts across the world already! The powerful 1.3 HP motor delivers a peak airflow rate of just over 200mph of warm filtered air to gently and safely blow away water, helping avoid any chances of those annoying drips after you have dried your car. The Metrovac Sidekick also comes with a rubber non-scratch neoprene blower nozzle for those tighter spaces, and an airflow streamer for drying larger panels and has a long 3 metre power cord. Don’t be fooled thinking that this little blower doesn’t offer much punch! It works and outperforms most domestic leaf blowers and will safely dry your paintwork, and remove water through smaller areas such as wheels, grills, vents, door handles, engine bays, boot, and door jambs. For motorcycle owners, dry with confidence. The Sidekick will safely blow and dry through the tightest of areas on your bike helping ensure that there is no water spotting or residue water left before the next ride or even show. Weighing only under 2KG, the Metro Vac Blaster Sidekick will easily fit into your detailing bag or boot for easy storage.


• 1.3 HP Motor
• Air Volume: 160MPH/85CFM
• Air Speed: 18,000 FPM
• Amps: 8
• Volts: 240 V – Australian Certified
• Watts: 950W
• Warranty: 1 year return to base
• Weight: 2 kg
• 3 metre lead

Start with a Snow Foam and rinse, or just your 2 Bucket-Method wash and rinse as normal. Then turn on your Blaster and start to dry from the top of the vehicle and working down, use the MetroVac Blaster Sidekick to blast away residual water along panel gaps, surrounds and intricate areas including trims – all the way down to your wheels and even the panels on your car including glass!

The Team at CCP found working in combination with a soft Mint Microfibre XL Drying Towel to pat down any areas of excess water on roofs, boots or bonnets before it dried was also helpful. Finish with your favourite Quick Detailer such as Dodo Juice Red Mist, Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine or any other protection spray you have in your detailing kit.

And as with any washing and drying method, the Sidekick SK1 from Metro Vac will always work best when your car is protected (wax, sealant or coating) to allow the water to ‘slip’ off the surface more easily.

After a bit more flow? Maybe consider the Metrovac 4HP Vac n Blo or the Metrovac Master Blaster 8HP.

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