Swissvax Metal Polish

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Swissvax Metal Polish effortlessly and easily cleans polishes, seals and protects all kinds of metal surfaces. It removes sediments, rust and oxidation thoroughly, efficiently and gently and also produces a high degree of gloss and offers effective long term protection. Chrome parts are a precious and important - and unfortunately also care-intensive - eye catcher for every automobile. It requires regular care because the thickness of the chrome coating often is very thin and tends to corrode quickly when neglected. Metal Polish is the perfect care product for chrome surfaces. Nickel and brass have to be treated with a polish which also offers best long term protection in order to prevent new corrosion. Swissvax Metal Polish offers this long term protection. Aluminium is a sensitive metal and is affected if treated with too aggressive polishes. Only a balanced product provides the desired long term finish and gloss on aluminium cylinder heads, valve covers and alloys. Swissvax Metal polish is such a product.

To apply, simply apply a small amount of the swissvax metal polish to a clean and dry microfibre and work into the metal that needs to be polished. Always use a final wipe with a clean section of towel to remove the last traces of polish.

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