Menzerna Endless Shine Detailer

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Menzerna Endless Shine Detailer Spray is a product that merges the gap between detail spray and spray wax. This polymer-intensive detail spray contains enough protective ingredients to be considered a spray wax, yet it still has the lubricity and cleaning ability of an easy-to-use detail spray.

Use in between washes to remove light dust and dirt, or as a quick and easy way to boost the shine and slickness after washing your vehicle.

Can be applied to all smooth surfaces like clear coat, glass, plastic or metal, resulting in a protective film coating with a beautiful, deep gloss and optimum beading effect. It will even remove fingerprints and waterspots. 

For the best results, lightly spray a single panel at a time in a mist action then immediately wipe the panel down to spread a thin, even film of product using clean microfibre or drying towel. Turn the towel to a fresh, clean side, and go over the panel again to fully remove the film and reveal an intense streak-free shine.

Alternatively you can use any microbibre applicator pad with a thin film layer of product over each panel, before buffing it off. This method will ensure more even coverage a streak-free shine every time!.

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