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Menzerna Endless Shine Detailer Spray is a product that merges the gap between detail spray and spray wax. This polymer-intensive detail spray contains enough protective ingredients to be considered a spray wax, yet it still has the lubricity and cleaning ability of an easy-to-use detail spray.

Use in between washes to remove light dust and dirt, or as a quick and easy way to boost the shine and slickness after washing your vehicle.

Can be applied to all smooth surfaces like clear coat, glass, plastic or metal, resulting in a protective film coating with a beautiful, deep gloss and optimum beading effect. It will even remove fingerprints and waterspots. 

A fast and easy way to add shine and protection to your vehicle's paint.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Provides instant gloss and depth
  • Safe for all types of paint and clear coats
  • Contains high-quality polymers for long-lasting protection
  • Works great as a quick detailer or drying aid
  • Can be used on paint, glass, and chrome surfaces

Menzerna Endless Shine Detailer is a versatile detailing spray that provides instant shine and protection to your vehicle's paint. The advanced formula contains high-quality polymers that create a long-lasting protective barrier on your vehicle's surface, helping to prevent dirt, grime, and other contaminants from sticking to the paint.

Endless Shine Detailer is easy to use and can be used as a quick detailer or drying aid. Simply spray the product onto the surface and wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. The unique formula is safe for all types of paint and clear coats, and can be used on paint, glass, and chrome surfaces.

Step 1: Wash and Dry the Vehicle

Before using Menzerna Endless Shine Detailer, it's important to properly wash and dry your vehicle. Use a high-quality car shampoo and rinse the vehicle thoroughly, then dry it with a clean microfiber towel or chamois.

Step 2: Shake the Bottle

Shake the bottle of Endless Shine Detailer well before use, to ensure that the formula is properly mixed.

Step 3: Spray onto the Surface

Spray Menzerna Endless Shine Detailer directly onto the surface of your vehicle, working in small sections to ensure even coverage. Use a light misting of the product, being careful not to apply too much.

Step 4: Wipe with a Microfiber Towel

Using a clean microfiber towel, wipe the surface of the vehicle in a back-and-forth motion, applying light pressure. Be sure to use a clean section of the towel for each pass, to avoid spreading any contaminants across the surface.

Step 5: Buff to a Shine

Using another clean microfiber towel, buff the surface of the vehicle in a circular motion, applying light pressure. This will help to bring out the shine and luster of the paint surface. Repeat this process for each section of the vehicle until you achieve the desired level of shine.

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