Menzerna 3-Step Sampler Polishing & Protection Kit

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Menzerna 3-Step Sampler Polishing & Protection Kit

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This is the NEW Menzerna Sampler Kit which features 3 stages of cutting and a super slick protection sealant, allowing you to experience the full range of Menzerna for a budget friendly price. Menzerna is a premium German made polishing compound, often used by European OEM’s such as BMW and Mercedes. Each Polish provides a different level of cut and gloss allowing you a wide spectrum from removing deeper swirls and heavy oxidisation to a final light swirl removal with a high gloss finish. Power Lock Polymer Sealant is the perfect high gloss solution to seal that freshly polished paint.

The kit comprises of:

1 – Heavy Cut 400 – HC400 This cutting compound has a high cut, it is the strongest in the Menzerna range and is designed for modern ceramic clear coated paints often found on BMW, Mercedes, VW and other Euro vehicles. Menzerna Heavy Cut 400 is made to remove 1500 grit sanding marks, deeper swirls and other moderate paint defects easily. (250ml size)

2 – Medium Cut Polish – MCP2400 This polish has a medium cut combined with a medium gloss factor, and is designed for modern ceramic clear coated paints. Made to remove 2500 grit sanding marks, swirls, light oxidisation and other minor paint defects easily. (250ml size)

3 – Super Finish – SF3500 This finishing polish has a low cut combined with a high gloss finish, can be used as a light one-step process or to restore gloss after a cutting stage. Made to refine paint and eliminate very light swirls and light holograms, leaving behind a glossy finish ready for a premium wax or sealant. (250ml size)

4 - Powerlock Polymer Sealant: This long-term polymeric protective sealant will give your paintwork a deep wet high gloss finish that will compete against most carnauba waxes available in the market and offer up to 6 + months of protection for your vehicle. Can be applied by hand or machine.

The first thing you should do is apply Heavy Cut Compound 400, which is made specifically for removing deep scratches, swirls, and other flaws. Medium Cut Polish 2500 is used in the second stage to further polish the surface and get rid of any residual defects. Finally, a high-gloss finish is applied with Super Finish 3500, which also serves to intensify the colour.

Please note: as with all polishes best results are achieved once the surface has been prepared correctly (washed / clayed etc). Areas should be clean, dry and cool – it is advisable to work undercover or in shade, with good lighting.

Best suited for Dual Action RO or Rotary Polishers such as the DAS6, DT-8 or DT-15 polishers

Official Menzerna Products – Made in Germany

Menzerna compounds are most effective when used with a DA Polisher like the DAS-6, DT-8 or DT-15 and a corresponding cutting/polishing/finishing pad.

Heavy Cut 400 – HC400 is best used with a cutting pad for swirl mark, light scratch or heavy oxidisation removal. We recommend the Mint ROD microfibre or green heavy cutting pad for best results. For softer paints or lighter swirl marks a Mint ROD yellow light cutting pad can be used.

Medium Cut Polish – MCP2400 is best used with a soft polishing pad for light swirl mark removal and restoration of gloss from the cutting stage. We recommend the Mint ROD orange polishing pad or yellow light cutting pad for harder ceramic clear coat paints.

Super Finish – SF3500 is best used with an ultra soft finishing pad for very light swirl mark removal, maximum gloss and fine finishing stage. We recommend the Mint ROD black finishing pad.

Step 1: Prepare Your Vehicle

Before you begin using the Menzerna 3-Step Sampler Polishing & Protection Kit, wash and dry your vehicle thoroughly to remove any dirt and debris. You should also ensure that your vehicle is parked in a shaded area.

Step 2: Start with Step 1

Open the Menzerna 3-Step Sampler Polishing & Protection Kit and remove the Menzerna Fast Gloss HC400. Apply a small amount of Menzerna Fast Gloss HC400 to the included foam applicator pad and spread it evenly onto a small section of your vehicle.

Step 3: Work the Product In

Using moderate pressure, work HC400 product into the surface of your vehicle in a circular motion. Continue working the product until it begins to dry and then buff it off with a microfiber towel.

Step 4: Move on to Step 2

Repeat the process with Menzerna's Medium Cut Polish 2400, working it into the surface of your vehicle with a clean foam applicator pad. Buff the product off with a clean microfiber towel once it begins to dry.

Step 5: Finish the polishing with Super Finish 3500

Finally, apply Super Finish 3500 to your vehicle using the included foam applicator pad. Work the product into the surface of your vehicle until it begins to dry and then buff it off with a clean microfiber towel.

After you've finished applying all the products in the Menzerna Sampler Polishing & Protection Kit, step back and admire the results! Your vehicle should have a deep, glossy shine that's protected from the elements.

Step 6: Lock it in

Powerlock can be applied by hand or machine for a high gloss paint protection lasting 6+ months. For hand application, we recommend a soft foam applicator and apply to the full vehicle before wiping off to a high gloss slick finish. For machine application, work with an ultra soft finishing pad on slow speed. Work in 2-3 passes for full panel coverage and wipe off to a high gloss slick finish.

Pro Tip: As with all Menzerna polishing compounds, less is more. This is best used with 4-5 pea sized drops for coverage of a 2ft x 2ft area.

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure where to start, test a small area with Medium Cut Polish on a polishing pad. Wipe off, and check the finish. If you are happy with the defect removal and gloss, you can continue without needing to complete a cutting stage.

Pro Tip: There is no hard and fast rule that a cutting pad needs to be used with Heavy Cut 400. This compound can be used with a softer polishing pad for a slightly deeper cut than Medium Cut Polish but still leave a nice gloss.

Pro Tip: Powerlock Sealant is best applied in a thin, even coat by machine or hand. Overuse of Powerlock can make removal difficult with a sticky residue. To avoid overuse, apply only what you need then place the bottle away from the panel you’re working on to prevent just adding some more.

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Menzerna Fast Gloss HC400 - 250ml1
Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2400 - 250ml1
Menzerna Super Finish 3500 - 250ml1
Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant 250mL1
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