Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint Sealant 118mL

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Dr Beasleys Matte Paint Sealant is one of very few in the market of Paint Protection for Matte Paint and Matte Vinyl Wrap finishes. This product is not a wax and does not contain filling properties or will not add any gloss to the finish. Based on a liquid sealant formula it is very easy to apply and it leaves long term protection over the surface offering a flat sheen on your matte paint or vinyl matte finished surfaces. It is long lasting, think 6-9 moths on daily drivers and offers a good level of protection over these delicate surfaces. *For best results:* Make sure your car is clean and dry. Use Dr Beasleys Matte Paint Cleanser first, as instructed to properly clean and prepare your Matte surface ready for protection. Then rinse your car with clean cold water, do not dry. Matte Paint Sealant should only be applied to a wet surface. Apply 8-10 drops of the sealant to a clean foam applicator and begin to apply to the surface. Use overlapping strokes to ensure full coverage. Apply to one panel at a time and remove with a soft microfibre cloth before proceeding, there is no need to let cure. Add a few extra drops of product to the applicator as you progress to the next panel. Matte Paint Sealant can be applied right over emblems, door handles, and badges for added protection.
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