Duragloss Marine & RV Quick Detail Spray 650mL

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Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray 521 will quickly and easily add shine without marring your paints surface. DG521 Quick Detailer has been formulated to remove surface contaminants such as oil, grime & road film, algae, soil and water lines whilst adding an anti-static glossy slickness to the surface in just minutes.

Use Duragloss 521 between washes to quickly restore gloss and lustre to the surface whilst laying a protective barrier that will enhance shine and durability on your existing protection. This product will also remove any waterline marks from the hull of your boat.

Spray in a small area at a time, using a soft microfibre cloth and wipe over the surface gently until dry. Use Duragloss 521 Marine & RV Quick Detailer to as often as required to retain that showroom finish for your boat, caravan, jetski or recreational vehicle.

Safe to use on all painted, fibreglass-gelcoat, glass and plastic surfaces.

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