Duragloss Marine & RV Polish 473mL

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Duragloss Marine & RV (Recreational Vehicle) Polish 501 will clean, polish and protect fibreglass-gelcoat, metal and painted surfaces on your Boat, Jetski or RV.

These surfaces are exposed to harsher elements which can cause quicker deterioration of the surface causing oxidation and fading. Duragloss Marine & RV 501 Polish will help stop and prevent fading, oxidisation and leave you with a high gloss UV resistant protective finish.

Use this one-step polish and protectant to safely remove petrol and oil film, tar and road grime, oxidation and other light imperfections from your Boat, Jetski or RV. This product will also help prevent and reduce the growth of algae and mildew with its protective coating.

Wash and dry your boat, jetski or rv before applying Duragloss #501.

Shake well, apply small amount on a foam applicator and apply a thin, even coat over the entire surface. This can be applied in shade or sun. Allow product to dry to a haze, and remove with a soft microfibre cloth.

To maintain finish, we recommend using Duragloss Marine & RV Quick Detailer 521 which will clean, shine and add a nice slick glossy finish without removing the 501 Protective coating.

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