Autobrite MagiFoam 500mL

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Autobrite Magifoam is a ultra-high foam concentrate which produces extremely long-last and stable foam, safely cleaning vehicle exteriors.

It contains a blend of cleansers, detergents and foamers for the removal of traffic film, dirt and light grime. Foam can be used as a pre-wash to loosen dirt and draw larger particles away from the surface of the paint. Magifoam is safe on premium waxes and sealants, provides ultimate cleaning ability and contains biodegradable surfactants.

The dwelling time for Magifoam is up to 30 minutes providing the maximum penetration and cleaning ability possible from a foam – the longer the dwell time the deeper it penetrates dirt bonds and more dirt it rinsed off.

After a snow foam pre-wash you can then proceed to wash the car via the 2-bucket method with an even lesser chance of inducing swirls and wash marks. It can also be used as a touch-less wash for well protected, regularly maintained vehicles, with a simple ‘foam – dwell – rinse – dry’ method. Autobrite Magifoam is ideally used through a proper Snow Foam Lance to produce best results of a thick rich foam.

Pre-rinse vehicle. Add 35 – 125mm of foam concentrate in the bottom of the bottle of the Foam Lance and dilute with water. Apply foam liberally to the exterior of the vehicle and allow to dwell for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Rinse off using a strong pressure.

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