Lake Country Light Cut Hand Applicator Pad Orange

Lake Country
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The Lake Country Light Cut Applicator Pad has some light cutting and polishing ability and is made from the same foam as their Orange machine pads. This hand applicator pad has a 'memory foam' fairly stiff texture. It is designed to remove light to moderate swirls when used in combination with a quality polish or swirl remover. If removing moderate scratches or marks, it is sometimes advisable to follow with a softer pad and finishing polish to enhance the gloss, especially on dark colours. The pad is perfect to use by hand for spot polishing or indeed even for whole cars. These euro foam applicators utilize CCS Technology, just like machine buffing pads. CCS pockets cover one side of each applicator, creating spaces for excess polish to accumulate but without soaking into the foam, until it is needed on the work surface. The polish is drawn up through the centre dimples of each CCS pocket and onto the applicator’s work surface. This design saves product because the CCS pockets significantly reduce product absorption.
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