Leatherique Leather Rejuvenation System

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Leatherique Leather Rejuvenation System
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For best results; firstly vacuum the surfaces well to remove all surface dust and dirt.

Then apply Rejuvenator Oil liberally with your hands or a soft cloth, massaging the oil into the surface well. Pay particular attention to the seams, folds and areas of high wear. Then leave the car in the sun with the windows and doors closed to raise the temperature inside the car, this will 'heat' the leather and accelerate the process of softening and opening the leather structure. Ideally the oil should be left for 24 hours to work, although a minimum of 6-12 hours is ok, but the longer left, the better the results.

Then apply Pristine Clean with a soft, slightly damp microfibre cloth. Work the cloth lightly across the surface to remove the haze and stickiness left from the Rejuvenator Oil treatment. Rinse the cloth frequently between sections to remove the dirt collected from the leather. For tough dirt and grim use a soft Leather Brush to agitate the dirt from the grain of the leather and then wipe away with a soft microfibre cloth.

If your leather is very dirty, or you can still feel some stickiness then a second rinse with Pristine Clean is recommended.

Very dirty, older or 'cardboard hard' leather may need 2 or 3 application cycles to fully soften and release dirt that has been accumulated over years. 

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Leatherique Pristine Clean 250mL1
Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil 250mL1
Mint Microfibre Economy Cloth2
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