Mint Lambswool Luxury Car Duster

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Mint Lambswool Luxury Car Duster The new Mint Lambswool Luxury Car Duster is the safest and softest way to remove dust from your car. The ultra-soft pure lambswool lightly glides over the paint lifting the dust off the paint without inducing marring. This premium Lambswool Duster solves the problem of that unsightly layer of dust that accumulates on your car while it has been sitting in the garage, since you washed it last and put it away. Within a couple of minutes you can safely remove this and allow the gloss in the paint to shine through again, without the need for re-washing or using quick detailers and cloths, that can sometimes cause marring especially in soft paints. Also perfect for display cars and cars on show, that you can literally see the dust fall on – one quick wipe and the car will look perfect again. And because the Mint Lambswool Luxury Car Duster is the very finest lambswool, it contains lanolin in the fibres that not only lubricate over the paint surface, but also allow the dust collected to be easily shaken out safely. For best results; remove the duster from the tube and bag, and shake well to open the fibres. Lightly wipe over the car, starting from the roof and working down in long strokes. Occasionally shake the duster away from the car, allowing collected dust to be shaken out. Once you have finished, again shake well to remove any dust and particulate from the lambswool and then store in the bag or tube provided. Caution do not use on dirty, soiled or wet cars.
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