Koch-Chemie NanoMagic Plast Care 500ml

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Koch Chemie Nano Magic Plast Care maintains and protects all external plastic trim and rubber on your vehicle. The treated parts regain their original, new appearance and are protected against damaging environmental factors. This premium product for professional vehicle care has unmatched durability.

Koch Chemie Nano Magic Plast Care is designed to rejuvenate plastic trim, restoring the colour and protecting from further damage.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Revives and restores plastic surfaces
  • Maintains and protects all external plastic parts trim, rubber, tyres, etc.
  • Nanotechnology for long-lasting protection
  • UV-resistant formula prevents fading and cracking
  • Repels dust, dirt, and water
  • Easy application for a sleek, matte finish

Experience the power of modern technology with Koch-Chemie Nano Magic Plast Care. This innovative solution is formulated to breathe new life into plastic surfaces, both inside and outside your vehicle. Faded, worn plastics will be a thing of the past as Nano Magic Plast Care works its magic to restore their original luster. The secret lies in the nanotechnology-infused formula. By forming a protective layer at the molecular level, this product ensures that the rejuvenated appearance lasts longer. Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly needing to reapply products – Nano Magic Plast Care provides durable protection that stands up to the test of time. UV rays and environmental factors can wreak havoc on plastic surfaces, leading to fading, cracking, and deterioration. Our solution is designed to combat these issues head-on. The UV-resistant formula acts as a shield against the sun's harmful effects, keeping plastics looking vibrant and preventing premature wear and tear.

Cleaning and maintenance become hassle-free with Nano Magic Plast Care. The treated surfaces repel dust, dirt, and water, making it easier to maintain a clean and neat interior or exterior. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. Elevate the appearance and value of your vehicle with the advanced technology of Koch-Chemie Nano Magic Plast Care. Make your plastics shine like new and enjoy the benefits of long-lasting protection.


  1. Ensure the plastic surface is clean and dry.

  2. Shake the bottle well before use.

  3. Apply a small amount of product to a microfiber cloth or applicator pad.

  4. Gently spread the product evenly over the plastic surface.

  5. Allow the product to penetrate for a few minutes.

  6. Buff the surface with a clean, dry microfiber cloth for a matte finish.

  7. Repeat the process for complete coverage if needed.
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