Koch-Chemie Motorplast Mp (Special Engine Conserver) 500ml

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Naturally shiny, water-displacing conserver for engines, housing parts, rubber hoses, and power units of vehicles.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Naturally shiny, water-displacing formula
  • Revives the appearance of treated parts
  • Prevents dirt sticking with complete drying
  • Protects power units from corrosion and environmental factors
  • Suitable for use on dry and wet surfaces
  • Temperature-resistant up to 250°C
  • With Daimler approval

Discover the exceptional performance of Koch-Chemie Motorplast Mp - Special Engine Conserver. This conserver is specifically designed to provide natural shine and water displacement for engines, housing parts, rubber hoses, and power units of vehicles, including cars and commercial vehicles.

Motorplast Mp is your solution for reviving the appearance of treated parts. It effectively restores their original shine, making them look as good as new. Say goodbye to dull and worn-out engine components.

What sets Motorplast Mp apart is its ability to prevent dirt sticking. The complete drying of this conserver ensures that no lubricating film is left behind, eliminating the possibility of dirt and grime adhering to the treated surfaces. Your engine and other parts will remain cleaner for longer.

Furthermore, Motorplast Mp offers exceptional protection to power units against corrosion and environmental factors. Its permanently elastic protective film shields the components from the damaging effects of moisture, chemicals, and other external elements, ensuring their longevity and performance.

Motorplast Mp is suitable for use on both dry and wet surfaces, making it a versatile solution for various cleaning and preservation needs. Additionally, it is temperature-resistant up to 250°C, providing reliable protection even under high-heat conditions.

Rest assured, Motorplast Mp has received Daimler approval, meeting the stringent standards set by one of the leading automotive manufacturers. You can trust this conserver to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for your vehicle.

Elevate your car maintenance routine with Koch-Chemie Motorplast Mp - Special Engine Conserver. Experience the power of a naturally shiny conserver that protects, revives, and preserves engine and housing parts. Choose Motorplast Mp for long-lasting performance and enhanced appearance.

Step 1: Pre-Cleaning

Before applying Motorplast, ensure that the surfaces to be treated are properly cleaned. Remove any dirt, grease, or debris from the engine, housing parts, rubber hoses, and power units. A thorough pre-cleaning will ensure optimal results.

Step 2: Application

There are two application methods you can use. You can either use a spray bottle or the Cyclone (if available) for a more controlled application.

  • If using a spray bottle, fill it with Motorplast.
  • Apply an even and thin film of Motorplast to the precleaned surfaces. Ensure that the surfaces are wet or dry before application.

Step 3: Drying

After applying Motorplast, leave the treated surfaces to dry completely. Motorplast is designed to dry without leaving a lubricating film, which helps prevent dirt from sticking.

Step 4: Additional Tips

Motorplast is suitable for use on both dry and wet surfaces. It provides a naturally shiny appearance and displaces water. The protective film created by Motorplast helps protect the power units, engines, housing parts, and rubber hoses from corrosion and environmental factors. It is temperature-resistant up to 250°C.

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