Koch-Chemie Autoshampoo As (Universal Vehicle Shampoo. pH 9,0) 1L

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Phosphate and NTA-free vehicle shampoo for gantry washing systems, wash systems, and hand washing.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Phosphate and NTA-free formula
  • Mild and thorough cleaning
  • Anionic and non-ionic surfactants combination
  • Optimal for biological service water treatment plants
  • VDA conform to class A

Elevate your vehicle cleaning experience with Koch-Chemie Autoshampoo As - Universal Vehicle Shampoo. This advanced formula is specially designed for use in gantry washing systems, wash systems, and hand washing, providing exceptional results every time.

Our Autoshampoo As stands out from the competition by being phosphate and NTA-free. This means you can clean your vehicle with confidence, knowing that you are using an environmentally friendly product that minimizes its impact on the ecosystem.

The combination of anionic and non-ionic surfactants guarantees a perfect balance between mildness and thorough cleaning power. This ensures that dirt, grime, and road contaminants are effectively lifted and removed from your vehicle's surface, leaving it looking spotless and refreshed.

What sets Autoshampoo As apart is its versatility. It is optimally suited for use in biological service water treatment plants, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize eco-friendly practices in their car cleaning routines.

Furthermore, our Autoshampoo As is VDA conform to class A standards, meeting the rigorous quality requirements set by the German Association of the Automotive Industry. You can trust that this product has been thoroughly tested and approved for its performance and compatibility with your vehicle.

Elevate your car cleaning routine with Koch-Chemie Autoshampoo As - Universal Vehicle Shampoo. Experience the power of a mild and thorough cleaning solution, while minimizing your impact on the environment. Choose quality and sustainability for your vehicle cleaning needs.

Step 1: Application

Koch-Chemie Autoshampoo can be used for various washing methods, including gantry washing systems, wash systems, and hand washing. Determine the appropriate method for your needs.

Step 2: Dilution

If using a dosing pump, you can apply the Autoshampoo either undiluted or diluted in a 1:10 ratio. Dilution ratios may vary depending on the desired level of cleaning.

Step 3: Gantry/Wash Systems

If using the Autoshampoo in gantry washing systems or wash systems, follow the recommended dosage per car: approximately 6-10 ml of shampoo.

Step 4: Hand Washing

If using the Autoshampoo for hand washing, dilute it in a 1:150 ratio. This means mixing 1 part Autoshampoo with 150 parts water.

Step 5: Cleaning Process

Apply the Autoshampoo solution to the vehicle surface and thoroughly clean using your preferred washing method (e.g., brushes, mitts, or other washing tools).

Step 6: Rinse Off

After cleaning, rinse off the Autoshampoo from the vehicle using water, ensuring that all residues are completely removed.

By following these steps, you can effectively clean your vehicle using Koch-Chemie Autoshampoo, a phosphate and NTA-free vehicle shampoo suitable for various washing systems and hand washing methods.

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