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Car Care Products 15L Bucket & Lid 15L1
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Bucket and Grit Guard
Bucket and Grit Guard

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The perfect solution for washing your car easily – the CCP Bucket combined with a Grit Guard.

The new CCP Bucket is the perfect size for washing your car, and it is the best quality bucket on the market out there. Made in Australia this is a very high quality, tough and dense plastic with a strong handle – this is NOT a cheap thin bucket imported. With a capacity of 15 litres it provides the ideal amount of water for a Wash Bucket or a Rinse Bucket and comes with a fitting lid that turns this bucket into a great sealed storage for keeping your washing kit or detailing products in.

The Grit Guard is an innovative product to help in the battle against wash marks and swirls and fits perfectly inside the CCP bucket. It is a round plastic insert that you place in the bottom of your bucket to ensure that you do not pick up contaminants (grit, dirt etc.) with your mitt and put them back on the car, inducing swirls and wash marks.

This combination offers you the safest way to wash your car, a good sized bucket with the added control of the Grit Guard.

Bucket Proudly Made in Australia and Grit Guard made in USA

Image Name Qty
Car Care Products 15L Bucket & Lid 15L 1
Grit Guard Bucket Insert 1
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