Dodo Juice Hard Candy Panel Pot 30mL

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Hard Candy is the generic Dodo Juice hard wax for use on any colour of paintwork.

A generic wax, like Rainforest Rub, Hard Candy contains candelilla wax as well as carnauba - but it's hard in texture instead of soft. This means it applies more consistently and sparingly, making it impossible to over-apply. The result is perfect curing, time after time - a factor that helps boost the durability of the finish.

This Panel pot is a 30ml sample of Dodo's wax, a perfect way to sample the product. This small but powerful pot will give 3 coats on most medium size cars.

When using any premium carnauba based wax, it is very important that your paintwork should be prepared properly and ready to accept the wax. For this product use Dodo Juice Lime Prime or Lime Lite pre-wax cleaner before applying any Dodo Wax to achieve the very best finish and the longest lasting results possible.

This Dodo Juice hard wax is preferably applied via a quality applicator pad and then buffed off with a premium Microfibre cloth for great results and immense durability.

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