Gyeon Q2M Suede 40x40 (single)

GYEON quartz
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GYEON Q2M Suede cloths provide great performance when it comes to applying coatings and are also suitable for use with Q² CanCoat. Their ultra-soft, edgeless finish provides a smooth movement on the surface and minimizes the risk of uneven application.

The lack of any texture to the towel from the ultra short microfibres both helps level extra applications of a Gyeon Ceramic coating but also helps prevent any additional marring during the application stage which can be introduced by long pile cloths.

Machine wash, maximum 30’C. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

When using this 40 x 40 cloth as a finishing cloth after applying a ceramic coating, fold it into quarters and wipe over the car as you would with any other microfibre towel, although this suede cloth will make the polishing off of the coating much easier!

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