Gyeon Q2M Dispenser Bottle

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The Gyeon Quartz Q²M Dispenser Bottle is a great aid during polishing, as it’s light and comes in a very handy size.

Made from a flexible material and a pull-top nozzle, it allows precise and easy dosage of polishing compounds to your pad without risk of splatter or wastage. Gyeon have designed this for use with the Gyeon Compounds with clear markings on the bottles so not to mistake it during the correction process.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to hold and dispense detailing products
  • Made from durable and chemical-resistant plastic
  • Easy-to-use squeeze design for accurate product dispensing
  • Compact and convenient size for easy storage and transport
  • Clear bottle for easy identification of contents

The Gyeon Q2M Dispenser Bottle is an essential tool for any car detailing enthusiast. Designed to hold and dispense your favorite detailing products, this bottle is made from durable and chemical-resistant plastic to ensure it can withstand exposure to even the toughest chemicals. Its easy-to-use squeeze design allows for accurate product dispensing, making it the perfect tool for those who need to carefully measure and control the amount of product they use. The compact and convenient size of the Gyeon Q2M Dispenser Bottle makes it easy to store and transport, so you can take your detailing products with you wherever you go. The clear bottle also makes it easy to identify the contents, so you never have to worry about mixing up your products.

Step 1: Fill the Bottle

Before you can start using your Gyeon Q2M Dispenser Bottle, you need to fill it with the desired detailing product. Unscrew the top of the bottle and carefully pour the product into the container. Make sure not to overfill the bottle, as this can cause spillage and waste.

Step 2: Apply

Once you've filled the bottle you're ready to start using and applying your detailing product to a polishing pad. Hold the bottle at a comfortable distance from the pad and squeeze the bottle.

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