Gyeon Hoodie (Navy) (Mens)

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Stand out and keep warm on those chilly mornings at cars and coffee or even during those chillier months when detailing, with the Gyeon Hoodie, the latest addition to the Gyeon apparel collection. Made from high-quality materials, this comfortable and stylish hoodie is a must-have for any car enthusiast.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Made from 100% premium cotton for exceptional comfort
  • Stylish design featuring the Gyeon logo on the front
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Keeps you warm while detailing your car
  • Perfect for everyday wear or as a gift for car lovers
  • Machine washable for easy care

Elevate your style and show off your love for cars with the Gyeon Hoodie. This latest addition to the Gyeon apparel collection is crafted from 100% premium cotton, ensuring maximum comfort and breathability. Whether you're working on your car or hanging out with friends, this hoodie is the perfect choice.

The Gyeon Hoodie features a stitched iconic Gyeon logo prominently displayed on the front, adding a stylish touch to your outfit. The high-quality embroidery is designed to withstand repeated washes, ensuring that the shirt maintains its vibrant appearance over time.

Not only is this hoodie a great addition to your own wardrobe, but it also makes an excellent gift for car enthusiasts in your life.

Step 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Gyeon Hoodie, the latest addition to the Gyeon apparel collection. This guide will show you how to wear and care for your hoodie to ensure its longevity and maintain its stylish appearance.

Step 2: How to Wear

  1. Choose the right size: Select a Gyeon Hoodie that fits you comfortably. Refer to the sizing guide for accurate measurements.
  2. Inspect the hoodie: Before wearing, check for any loose threads or defects. If you notice any issues, contact our customer support for assistance.
  3. Put it on: Slip the hoodie over your head and gently pull it down, making sure the Gyeon logo on the front is centered.
  4. Style it: Pair the Gyeon Hoodie with your favorite jeans, shorts, or casual pants for a trendy and car enthusiast-inspired look.

Step 3: How to Care

  1. Follow washing instructions: Check the care label inside the hoodie for specific washing instructions. Typically, machine wash with similar colors on a gentle cycle.
  2. Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals: Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals when washing the hoodie, as it may damage the fabric and print.
  3. Turn it inside out: Before washing, turn the hoodie inside out to protect the print and preserve its vibrant colors.
  4. Use a mild detergent: Opt for a mild detergent that is gentle on fabrics to maintain the softness and quality of the hoodie.
  5. Air dry or tumble dry low: After washing, either air dry the hoodie by laying it flat or tumble dry on a low heat setting to prevent shrinkage.
  6. Avoid ironing the print: If needed, iron the shirt inside out on a low heat setting, avoiding direct contact with the print.
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