Gyeon Exterior Protection Kit

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Gyeon Exterior Protection Kit

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GYEON Exterior Protection Kit provides you with the ultimate in exterior protection for your car. With the latest in innovative Ceramic Coatings for every exterior surface including Paint Protection, Wheel Coating, Glass Coating and Trim coating.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality products for professional-grade exterior protection
  • Creates a strong and durable hydrophobic barrier on paint, glass, trim and wheels
  • Enhances gloss and depth, leaving a long-lasting brilliant shine
  • Repels water, dirt, and contaminants, making cleaning easier
  • Provides UV protection, preventing paint fading and deterioration
  • Easy-to-use process for achieving outstanding results
  • Includes all necessary materials for a complete exterior treatment

We have bundled the best exterior ceramic coatings with GYEON Microfibre cloths and Prep allowing you to properly prepare and fully coat and protect your whole car. Whether you have a brand new car and are looking for high quality protection, or have just bought a new car and are looking to bring it back to new and protect ongoing – this is the Kit for you.

The GYEON Exterior Protection Kit is the ultimate solution for keeping your vehicle's exterior surfaces protected, brilliant, and easy to maintain. This comprehensive kit features high-quality products designed to create a strong and durable hydrophobic barrier on your paint, glass, and wheels, ensuring your vehicle stays clean and beautiful in any weather.

Experience the joy of driving a vehicle with a head-turning shine. The GYEON Exterior Protection Kit enhances the gloss and depth of your paint, creating a showroom-like finish that will impress even the most discerning enthusiasts.

Not only does this kit elevate the appearance of your vehicle, but it also provides essential protection. The hydrophobic barrier repels water, making rain and splashes slide right off the surface. This barrier also resists dirt, contaminants, and road grime, making cleaning your vehicle a breeze and reducing the chances of watermarks and stains.

The GYEON Exterior Protection Kit also offers UV protection for your vehicle's paint. UV rays can lead to paint fading and deterioration over time, but with this kit, your paint remains shielded and retains its original brilliance for longer.

Elevate your vehicle's exterior care with the GYEON Exterior Protection Kit. Protect your investment and enjoy the satisfaction of driving a vehicle that looks stunning and stays cleaner for longer.

  • GYEON MOHS 30ml is a professional Ceramic Coating for your paint, providing great gloss and long-term protection. This 30ml size is enough to coat a medium-large car.
  • GYEON Q2 Rim is a Wheel Ceramic Coating that is designed to resist high temperatures and provide extra protection to your rims allowing for easier cleaning.
  • GYEON Q2 Trim is ideal for all exterior plastic trim, it will not only rejuvenate that finish back to a deep black colour, it offers supreme ongoing protection with strong UV resistant properties against our harsh Australian climate
  • GYEON Q2 View will keep your glass repelling water, dirt and rain for months and months to come. Easy to apply and can be used on all exterior glass including windscreens, windows, rear screens and even sunroofs.
  • Combined with all this GYEON goodness is a range of GYEON Microfibre cloths and GYEON Prep that will enable you to cleanse the paint and prepare well before the application of all the coatings.
  1. Ensure that the vehicle's exterior is clean and dry before application.

  2. Wear the provided gloves to prevent skin contact during the application process.

  3. For the paint, shake the GYEON MOHS Ceramic Coating well to ensure an even distribution of the product.

  4. Apply a small amount of the coating onto the included applicator pad.

  5. Gently spread the coating onto a small section of the vehicle's paint, working in straight lines.

  6. Allow the coating to sit and bond with the paint for a few minutes, but do not let it dry completely.

  7. Using a separate clean and dry microfiber cloth, buff the paint to a brilliant shine.

  8. Repeat the process for other sections of the vehicle's paint, ensuring complete coverage.

  9. For the glass and wheels, follow the same application process using the corresponding GYEON products.

  10. For best results, avoid contact with water or moisture for at least 24 hours after application to allow the coatings to fully cure.

  11. Store the kit in a cool, dry place, away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.
Image NameQty
Gyeon Q2M Bald Wipe Cloth4
Gyeon Q2M Polish Wipe Cloth3
Gyeon Q2 MOHS EVO Light 30ml1
Gyeon Q2 Rim EVO 30ml1
Gyeon Q2 Trim EVO 30ml1
Gyeon Q2 View EVO 20ml1
Gyeon Q2M Prep 500mL1
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