GYEON Complete Maintenance Kit

GYEON quartz
Image Name Qty
GYEON Large Detailing Bag1
GYEON Q2M Silk Drying Towel Large2
GYEON Q2M Smoothie1
GYEON Q2 Tire Gel 400mL1
GYEON Q2M Bathe 400mL1
GYEON Q2M Iron 500mL1
GYEON Q2M Wetcoat 500mL1
GYEON Bald Wipe Cloth1
GYEON Polish Wipe Cloth1
GYEON Q2 Bug & Grime Remover 400mL1
GYEON Q2 Tar Remover 500mL1
GYEON Q2M Cure 250mL1
GYEON Q2M Glass Cleaner 500mL1
GYEON Q2M Preserve 250mL1
GYEON Q2M Vinyl Cleaner 500mL1
Mint Foam Wax Applicator1
CCP Kit1
GYEON Q2M Leather Cleaner Mild (500ml)1
GYEON Complete Maintenance Kit
GYEON Complete Maintenance Kit

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Gyeon Quartz’ Complete Maintenance Kit offers you the ultimate selection of their premium products to ensure safe washing to help maintain your car after your application of Gyeon Quartz’ Paint Protective Coating. All packed neatly in Gyeon’s premium Large Detailing Bag to allow easy storage in your car, or garage.

In this premium kit, they have combined their Gyeon Bathe, a highly-concentrated pH Neutral Wash Shampoo that gently and easily removes dirt, grime and roam film from your paint quickly.

Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat is a spray on, and rinse off sealant that is designed to boost protection and gloss within minutes. It can be used over existing coatings or sealants to add more protection and help extend the life and hydrophobic properties of your Gyeon or other coating.

The famous and award winning Gyeon Smoothie Wash Mitt, which will quickly and gently remove any dirt, debris and grime from your cars paintwork along with 2 Gyeon Silk Drying Towels, an ultra-soft premium Korean made microfibre drying towel to gently but effectively dry your car without marring or harming the paintwork.

Finish your paintwork with Gyeon Q2 Cure spray sealant will enhance the gloss of the paint/coating, add further hydrophobicity to your existing Gyeon coating, and also leave a super-slick finish on the surface. It has a high concentration of SiO2 so provides a good ‘booster’ to coatings or can even be used on uncoated paints for a quick-fix by using 1 of the 2 Microfibre Cloths in this kit.

For maintenance and cleansing of your Interior the kit includes Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner & Preserve for your dash & door trimmings.

Gyeon Quartz Leather Cleaner to safely and effortlessly remove any dirt or transfer of dye from your leather and Gyeon Glass to ensure a clear & streak-free finish for all interior [tint-safe] and exterior glass on your car.

Not to forget your wheels that regularly need safe cleaning, Gyeon Iron has been included to help remove grime and brake dust build up quickly, effectively and gently!

Finishing off with Q2 Tire Gel combined with a Black Foam Tyre Applicator that will leave your tyres with a true deep semi-gloss finish that is not only offers UV protection but is also extremely durable; in fact results show up to a month or 5 washes before reapplication was required.

Lastly in our Australian Climate and roads we regularly are removing inspect splatter and tar from our paintwork and wheels, we have also combined both Gyeon Bug & Grime Remover as well as Gyeon Tar Remover to help you maintain your Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Paint Protection finish and safely and quickly remove any grime, tar and bug splatter from your cars paintwork.

Image Name Qty
GYEON Large Detailing Bag 1
GYEON Q2M Silk Drying Towel Large 2
GYEON Q2M Smoothie 1
GYEON Q2 Tire Gel 400mL 1
GYEON Q2M Bathe 400mL 1
GYEON Q2M Iron 500mL 1
GYEON Q2M Wetcoat 500mL 1
GYEON Bald Wipe Cloth 1
GYEON Polish Wipe Cloth 1
GYEON Q2 Bug & Grime Remover 400mL 1
GYEON Q2 Tar Remover 500mL 1
GYEON Q2M Cure 250mL 1
GYEON Q2M Glass Cleaner 500mL 1
GYEON Q2M Preserve 250mL 1
GYEON Q2M Vinyl Cleaner 500mL 1
Mint Foam Wax Applicator 1
GYEON Q2M Leather Cleaner Mild (500ml) 1
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