Guide to Detailing

A lot of people are unsure of where to start with a car detail and what process comes after what – fear not as we have come up with a simple guide for a complete exterior detail.

This simple Flow Chart is designed to guide you through the various steps of an exterior detail, briefly explaining as you go. It will show you which stages are appropriate for your car’s current condition to keep it or revive it to showroom condition.

Each of the stages/processes has a further guide listed in our ‘How To’ section so once you know the Steps to Detailing then explore further for in-depth information on a specific topic. These guides are always being updated with the latest tips and practises, so be sure to check back to get the best ideas for your car detailing.

Feel free to download the Guide from above (PDF Format) and print it out for your personal use, if you have any questions at all feel free to call or email at any time.