Gtechniq AP2 White Applicator Pad

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The GTECHNIQ White Applicator Pad is a premium-quality foam pad designed for the application of various coatings and products. Its specialized design ensures even and smooth product distribution for optimal results.


  • Premium Quality Foam: The applicator pad is crafted from high-quality foam that ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

  • Even Product Application: The pad's design promotes even distribution of coatings and products, preventing streaks and uneven coverage.

  • Gentle on Surfaces: The soft and non-abrasive foam ensures that delicate surfaces are not scratched or damaged during application.

  • Easy to Grip: The pad is designed with a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and controlled application without slipping.

  • Reusable: With proper care and cleaning, the applicator pad can be used for multiple applications, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • 8cm diameter

  • Ultra-soft microfibre, foam-filled

  • The ultimate applicator for applying Gtechniq coatings

Step 1: Preparation

Before using the GTECHNIQ White Applicator Pad, ensure that the surface and the pad are clean and free from debris.

Step 2: Applying Product

Follow these steps to apply products using the white applicator pad:

  1. Wear gloves to prevent direct contact with the product.
  2. Apply a small amount of the product directly onto the white applicator pad.
  3. If needed, spread the product evenly across the surface of the pad using gentle and even strokes.

Step 3: Application

Use the white applicator pad to apply the product to the desired surface:

  1. Gently apply the product using light pressure and smooth, overlapping motions.
  2. Work in small sections to ensure even coverage.
  3. For products like coatings, follow the recommended application technique and curing time.

Step 4: Buffing

After applying the product, follow these steps to buff and ensure an even finish:

  1. Using a clean and dry microfiber towel, gently buff the surface to remove any excess product.
  2. Buff in straight motions to achieve a smooth and uniform appearance.
  3. For coatings or products that require curing, follow the recommended curing time before buffing.
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