Nanolex Glass Sealant Kit ULTRA Set

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Nanolex Glass Sealant Ultra is a new high technology sealant / coating especially for glass that repels water and dirt improving visibility all-round with maximum durability. The Nanotechnology is designed to coat the glass surface with a durable layer that will help repel rain and dirt, making it much harder for these contaminants to adhere to the glass and simply ‘slip off’ with the motion of the car. As you drive, the car’s glass will get dirty and this then makes it hard for rain to slip off the surface. This dirt and other pollutants, like bugs, are then wiped over the windscreen to further blur vision or after some time the combination of this rain and dirt mixture actual ‘marks’ the glass through acidity and minerals, this marking is usually hard or impossible to remove by washing or even glass cleaner sprays. By the application of this advanced chemical sealant rain will ‘slip’ off the glass taking any dirt particles with it, leaving clean glass and perfect visibility. The complex molecular technology makes the coating completely invisible and water will move off glass once the car reaches about 75km/h making it ideal for highway or country driving. Nanolex Glass Sealant is superior to all other glass products because of its durable composition, and depending on driving and weather conditions, it can last for 12+ months on windscreens and longer on glass surfaces without wipers. *This Complete Glass Sealant Kit is suited for all ages of cars, even those with glass in a poor condition, it contains:* 1 x Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant 30ml 1 x Nanolex Surface Cleaner EX 200ml 1 x Nanolex Premium Glass Polish 50ml 3 x Nanolex Applicator Pads 1 x Mint Economy Microfibre 1x Mint Premium Microfibre 1 x Pair Nitrile Gloves 30ml of Nanolex Glass Sealant Ultra should coat all windows and windscreens on a medium car 4-6 times. *For best results:* Ensure your glass is washed and dry. Firstly take the foam applicator pad and apply a few drops of the Nanolex Glass Polish, work this into a small section (about 30×30cm) of the windscreen or window very well, you should find that once you have made several passes nearly all the residue is removed. Repeat for all sections of the windscreen and/or other windows. If your glass is not brand new or has not been polished recently, this is very important to ensure the durability of the sealant. Next liberally spray the Nanolex Surface Cleaner onto the glass and take a microfibre cloth to wipe it over the surface, making sure all areas are covered. Then take a Cotton Applicator and apply a few of drops of Glass Sealant Ultra, work this into a small section (max 30x30cm) of the windscreen or window, you should find that once you have made several passes virtually all residue is removed. Repeat for all areas on the glass section to be coated and finally take the second microfibre cloth and buff off any remaining residue to leave a crystal clear finish. Allow sealant to cure for a minimum of 6 hours before getting wet, and re-buff with the microfibre cloth, if required, to remove any last traces of excess sealant. Nanolex Glass Sealant is safe for most glass types including all automotive glass but is for exterior use only. Everyone is joining the ‘Nano’ trend and a number of manufacturers are putting nano on all their products. However Nanolex offers real ‘nano-technology’ that has been developed in Germany following extensive research and proven; it should not be confused with off-the-shelf car products that simply have ‘nano’ in their name. Made in Germany
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