Dodo Juice Gentle Grey Clay Bar 200g

Dodo Juice
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This new clay from Dodo Juice is a fine grade clay, the most popular, that is suitable for all paint finishes. The Gentle Grey Paint Putty can decontaminate your paintwork of debris such as tree sap, bug residue, road tar, overspray and much more.

Dodo Juice Gentle Grey will gently remove deposits from the paint surface without harming the paint itself. The clay comes in a useful plastic storage box to keep your clay in perfect condition between uses.

Always use a clay bar with a quality clay lube such as Born Slippy to protect your paint.

This is a professional grade 200 gram bar. Detailing Clay has been used for years by automobile manufacturers and body / panel shops for removing contamination that cannot be removed using conventional cleaning methods. Claying your paintwork is usually recommended prior to polishing or waxing.

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