Car Care Products Garage Floor Tiles [Blue] 400 mm x 400 mm

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Car Care Products Blue Garage Tiles are a modular solid plastic tile that simply snap into each other, and requires no glue and no tools to assemble. These solid garage tiles can be installed in any garage or large flat area including a car show by anybody in one day!

The ‘free flow’ design also contain a channelling system below to help breath naturally and remove any moisture that may sit under the tile, whilst retaining that professional and clean look in your garage. The strong 18mm thickness tile allows your car to be driven, parked and even washed safely and easily without worrying it may break.

Design your own garage today! Check out gallery for some ideas or contact us for further help!

TIPS: 6.25 Tiles per square meter – average 6 metre x 3 metre garage is approx 110 tiles

Size: 400mm x 400mm by 18mm thick

We offer 4 different colours which allows you to choose your own design and style for your own garage.

■ Easily replaced if damaged
■ Water, dirt, acid resistant
■ Not affected by moisture
■ Quick & easy installation
■ Professional finish
■ UV Resistant 

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