Dodo Juice Future Armour 500mL

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The new Dodo Juice Future Armour Nano Spray is a wet & dry spray sealant that can be used either as a 'aqua (wet) wax' protection topper, or as a stand alone sealant instead of your traditional protection.

Expect up to 3-4 months of longevity within the right conditions, pretty good for a simple spray on application that will leave your paint beading and sheeting water like crazy!

Future Armour is chalk-free so it can be used on all trim, glass, metals and of course paintwork wet or dry without leaving any marks behind.

Use sparingly either whilst the car is wet, or dry. Wet use, spray your microfibre drying towel very lightly, follow with wiping the product in straight lines over the panel to 'level' the product out. Use a secondary microfibre cloth or towel to buff to a very high glossy reflective and protective finish! Dry use: spray your microfibre cloth very lightly, wipe the surface in straight lines to level out product. Use a secondary microfibre cloth to buff to a high glossy finish.

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