Menzerna Fast Gloss HC400 1L

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Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound HC400 is the ‘cutting’ polish is our 3 step Menzerna system. This NEW formula is designed to quickly remove sanding marks, scratches and oxidation however also retain a high gloss finish. Unlike older style compounds this polish is non-gritty and very smooth.

Formerly Fast Gloss 500 was the most aggressive cut in the Menzerna range, however this new HC400 offers even more cut but with a deceptively smooth texture and a high gloss finish. In some instances found that a single step achieved great results.

This Menzerna Polish is designed to remove up to 1500 grit sanding marks, and is suggested for use with Cutting or even Wool Pads. Ideally this polish is used after wet sanding with 2000 or 3000 grit paper or discs if required.

The Menzerna OEM range are designed for most paint finishes including solid colour, regular clear coat and CeramiClear (e.g. late model Mercedes and BMW). Care should be taken when working with older softer paint finishes.

Best results are achieved by using with a rotary or random orbital polisher. All Menzerna polishes have excellent lubricating properties so do not need water to keep them working, simply work the polish by multiple passes to break down abrasive clusters and then wipe away the thin residue with a clean microfibre cloth.

The paint surface requires finishing following HC400, we would suggest Menzerna Power Finish 2500 or Medium Cut 2400 to refine and develop depth, gloss and further clarity on the paintwork.

Cut Factor: 8

Gloss Factor: 8

Factors are based 1 lowest (gloss /cut) to 10 highest (gloss/cut)

Made in Germany

Please note: as with all polishes best results are achieved once the surface has been prepared correctly (washed / clayed etc).

Areas should be clean, dry and cool – it is advisable to work undercover or in shade, however with good light.

While this product can be used with application by hand, it is strongly recommended to use a mechanical machine. We recommend a random orbital machine.

How To - Machine Polish

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