Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine 650mL

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Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Quick Detailer not only removes dust and enhances shine but also bonds to polishes and waxes increasing durability!

This is an amazing formula that is will drastically enhance the gloss, depth and shine after polishing or waxing. It is designed to remove dust, residue and fingermarks leaving a brilliant shine. However it bonds with durable polishes and waxes increasing their durability and depth of gloss and even works safely with vehicles that have paint protection!

It contains special anti-static properties that retard dust attraction leaving that shine lasting for longer. So if you want your car to really glow then top off your polish with Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine.

It is always advisable to spray your detailer on a clean microfibre and wipe on your prepared paint that way. Will avoid any overspray onto glass or trim pieces.

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