Ethos Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner 473ml

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Total Wheel & Tire Cleaner is the ultimate all-in-one cleaning solution for wheels, rims, and tires. Equipped with instant cleaning power, Total Wheel & Tire Cleaner quickly dissolves stubborn brake dust, dirt, and grime, restoring both your wheels and tires to their original shine.

This fast-acting formula is suitable for any factory finish, providing deep cleaning power without damaging even the most delicate finish. Its safe, and non-acidic formula features built-in corrosion inhibitors which offer an additional layer of protection for your wheels and tires.


All in One Wheel & Tire Cleaner : A versatile solution that efficiently cleans both wheels and tires, simplifying your car care routine.

Removes Brake Dust & Stubborn Grime : Effectively eliminates tough brake dust and grime, ensuring a thorough clean.

Safe on ALL Wheel Finishes : Designed to be gentle yet effective on all types of wheel finishes, from standard to custom.

Instant Cleaning Power : Quick-acting formula that delivers instant results, making wheel cleaning easier.

Ethos Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner is your solution for restoring the brilliance of your vehicle's wheels and tires. This advanced formula is specially designed to cut through tough grime, brake dust, and road debris, leaving your wheels and tires looking like new.

With a powerful yet gentle formula, Ethos Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner is safe for all types of wheels, including aluminum, alloy, chrome, painted, and more. It effectively removes stubborn contaminants without causing harm to the wheel's finish.

Each bottle provides ample cleaning power, making it ideal for multiple applications. Say goodbye to dull, dirty wheels and hello to a refreshed, glossy finish that enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Revive the shine of your wheels and the richness of your tires with Ethos Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner. It's the perfect choice for maintaining the beauty and integrity of your vehicle's most important details.

Step 1
Prepare Your Supplies -  Gather all necessary supplies: Ethos Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner, a bucket of water, a wheel brush or sponge, and microfiber towels.

Step 2
Rinse the Wheels and Tires - Start by rinsing your vehicle's wheels and tires with clean water to remove loose dirt, mud, and debris. This initial rinse helps to loosen the surface contaminants and prepares the wheels and tires for cleaning.

Step 3
Shake the Bottle - Before use, shake the bottle of Ethos Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner well to ensure proper mixing of the formula.

Step 4
Apply the Cleaner - Spray Ethos Total Wheel and Tire Cleaner directly onto the surface of one wheel and tire at a time. Ensure thorough coverage, especially on brake dust and stubborn grime buildup.

Step 5
Let It Sit - Allow the cleaner to dwell on the surface for 1-2 minutes. This dwell time helps to loosen and dissolve tough contaminants. Avoid letting the product dry on the surface, especially in direct sunlight.

Step 6
Agitate with a Brush - Using a wheel brush or sponge, agitate the cleaner on the wheel's surface. Focus on areas with heavy grime, such as the spokes, inner rims, and lug nuts.

Step 7
Clean the Tires - While the cleaner is still on the tires, use the same brush or a dedicated tire brush to scrub the tire sidewalls. Work the cleaner into the rubber to remove dirt, browning, and old tire dressing.

Step 8
Rinse Thoroughly - Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the wheels and tires, rinse them clean with a strong stream of water. Ensure all traces of the cleaner and loosened dirt are washed away.

Step 9
Dry the Wheels and Tires - Using clean, dry microfiber towels, thoroughly dry the wheels and tires. Wipe away any remaining water spots or residue for a streak-free finish.


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