Ethos Ceramic Refresh v2.0 473ml

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Ceramic Refresh V2.0 is the ultimate ceramic spray sealant and coating topper. This new and improved formula provides instant gloss, slickness, and protection in a simple spray and wipe formula. Its robust blend of ceramic (Sio2) ingredients provides up to 6+ months of hydrophobic protection. Refresh also doubles as a ceramic coating maintenance spray, designed to bond with and rejuvenate any form of ceramic wax, ceramic sealant, or ceramic coating. Use it on glass, plastics, paint, and more for ultra-slick and glossy results!


Repels Dirt, Grime, and Water : Robust ceramic formula rejects contaminants, keeping your surfaces cleaner for longer.

Refreshes Ceramic Coatings : Enhances & rejuvenates coatings with hydrophobic SiO2 chemicals.

Effortless Results with Insta-Bond : Simple spray on and wipe off application

6+ Months of Protection : Effortless coating topper and durable deramic spray sealant in one formula.

Is your car's ceramic coating losing its luster? Ceramic Refresh v2.0 is here to revive and fortify your vehicle's protective layer. Specially formulated to effortlessly rejuvenate ceramic coatings, this product enhances shine, adds hydrophobicity, and increases durability.

With advanced nano-technology, Ceramic Refresh v2.0 bonds with existing ceramic coatings, refreshing their effectiveness and extending their lifespan. Whether your car was coated months ago or recently, this solution ensures a glossy finish and superior protection against environmental contaminants.

Each bottle provides ample coverage, making it suitable for multiple applications. Say goodbye to water spots, UV damage, and light scratches, and welcome back the showroom shine you love.

Step 1
Prepare your vehicle thoroughly by wash your car using a pH-balanced car wash soap to remove dirt, grime, and residue. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with clean water. Dry the vehicle completely using a microfiber towel or a clean, soft cloth.

Step 2
Shake the Bottle - Before application, shake the bottle of Ceramic Refresh v2.0 well to ensure uniform consistency.

Step 3
Apply the Product - Pour a small amount of Ceramic Refresh onto an applicator pad or a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Apply the product evenly onto the surface of the vehicle.

Step 4
Work in Sections - Divide the vehicle into manageable sections, such as panels or sections of the hood, roof, doors, etc. Using gentle, overlapping circular motions, apply Ceramic Refresh to one section at a time.

Step 5
Allow to Cure - Let the product sit and cure on the surface for 1-2 minutes. The curing time may vary based on temperature and humidity. Avoid applying the product under direct sunlight or onto a hot surface.

Step 6
Buff Off Excess - After the curing time, using a clean, dry microfiber towel, gently buff off any excess product. Buff in straight, linear motions to reveal a smooth, glossy finish.

Step 7
Repeat if Desired For enhanced shine and protection, you can repeat the application process on the next section of the vehicle. Ensure even coverage across all surfaces for consistent results.

Step 8
Final Inspection - After applying Ceramic Refresh to all desired areas, inspect the entire vehicle. Check for any missed spots or uneven application.

Step 9
Allow to Cure - Completely Avoid washing or exposing the vehicle to water for at least 24 hours to allow the ceramic coating to fully cure. Park the vehicle in a covered area to protect it during the curing process.

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