Duragloss Enviroshield Ceramic Coating System

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Duragloss Enviroshield Ceramic Paint Protection Coating offers superior protection that is extremely durable against chemical etching, alkali washes, bird & bat droppings, tree sap, UV weather deterioration and other daily driving and environmental hazards.

Unlike other Paint Protection Kit’s on the market, Duragloss’ Enviroshield bonds onto your paint on a molecular level leaving your paint with an incredibly slick, high-gloss shine that will last up to 2 years from just one application.

Duragloss Enviroshield Squeaky Clean is used to remove surface residue such as contaminants, old waxes/sealants and polishing oils.A super clean surface is required for application of Nano Ceramic Coatings to bond correctly to the surface. As Squeaky Clean leaves no residue behind, it is also ideal to be used before applying any traditional wax or synthetic (polymer) paint sealant. This can be applied and used by hand or with a dual action polisher such as the DAS6.

Duragloss Enviroshield Ceramic Paint Coating 4 oz. contains enough to complete 2 coats on a full size car and wheels*.

2x Duragloss Coating Applicator Pads included with dual sides to apply and remove Squeaky Clean or Enviroshield Ceramic Coating. Use the short microfibre side for applying squeaky clean and the fine side for applying thin layers of the Ceramic 9H Paint Coating.

1x Microfibre Cloth used to lightly buff away squeaky clean.

1x Microfibre Cloth used to lightly buff the paintwork after applying Duragloss Ceramic Coating.

Kit Contents 4 oz. (120ml) Duragloss Ceramic Paint Protection Coating 4 oz. (120ml) Duragloss Squeaky Clean Surface Prep 2 x Duragloss dual-sided Coating Applicator Pads 2 x Microfibre Cloths – 1 for removal of Squeaky Clean, 1 for Enviroshield Ceramic Coating removal.

Prior to application please ensure your car paint is completely clean and has been clayed to remove all surface contamination. In addition if you paint needs polishing or correcting in any way, please make sure this is complete before ‘coating’ the paint – Duragloss Enviroshield is not a polish and will not remove swirl marks – it is pure protection.

With the Foam Applicator included in the kit, apply 5-10 drops and wipe gently over the surface; we recommend doing a small area at a time (eg. half your guard or panel). After completing small area, use your Premium Pink Microfibre Cloth and wipe gently over to level and remove any excess product. Repeat until car has been completed.

Maintenance; Use Duragloss 901 in combination with your 2 Bucket Method Wash or any pH Neutral Safe wash to maintain your look. Quick Detailers such as DG Fast Clean & Shine or Aquawax can be used regularly if desired.

Please note; we do not recommend this kit if you do not have prior experience in application of paint protective coatings.

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